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Instagrammers, Etsy Shoppers, Newly Interested, Welcome!

Click here to go right to my new STORE, if you are familiar (or want to get familiar) with my shop and items.

If you are new and want to know more about me, please check out my Instagram: LisaPenneyArt

Or, if you’d like, read a bit about me right here on this page: ABOUT

And, for commissions and other discussions having to do with my shop, please e-mail me at my new SHOP e-mail found on the CONTACT page.

Please, also note that the pre-order for the Alligator Girl has moved from Etsy to my store. And that item can be found here:gator girl 1

As of writing, there are 75 pre-order spots left and a wait/production time of about 3 weeks for the batch of orders that next come in. (If you already ordered her, she is headed your way sooner than that!)

Once more, thank you so much for all the likes/purchases and support that made having my own store possible!

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Welcome to the new Previously, my site was about linking to places like my Etsy shop. Now, I have a site of my own with its own shop! (Thanks, WordPress and WooCommerce!) The site isn’t complete as I have many exciting ideas to add in the future, both to the shop (which is always changing) and maybe future pages.

Please, at any time, send me what you think works or questions in the comments section or through my CONTACT page, and if you have critique, please contact me through the CONTACT page (or the webmaster if it’s about the site functionality) and let me know if I’m missing anything or just what you think of the site. And thank you for enjoying my art!