Pirate Maiden Brooch (with Treasure Keeper)

$ 57.00

Inspired by your favorite plundering sea maidens, this rare brooch includes its own specially designed treasure chest keeper! Dead men tell no tales …

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Perfect for your plundering outfit or any other day you’re feeling pirate-y, and inspired by your favorite commemorative plaque in a park, this pin-backed brooch is hand cast in resin and hand painted. It measures 1 3/4″ wide x 2 3/4″ tall. Materials include: resin, acrylic, glue, pin back.

In addition, each brooch includes its own uniqely hand painted, hand built treasure chest for holding the brooch. The chest has a velcro closure and fits the brooch. (But you will have to supply your own booty, as other treasure is not included!) The base of the chest measures about 2 1/4″ x 3″, and materials include: paper, glue, acrylic and velcro.

Each brooch and treasure chest set is hand made, so it will vary in size, color and appearance. Please allow up to a week for construction.

Only nine of this brooch and holder set will ever be made, so order yours now!



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